Dom Davenport,

Founder, Created

Dom is the founder of Created, an academy committed to developing the creatives of tomorrow. They design and deliver courses grounded in industry, which equip creatives with a skill-set fit for the real world.

He came up with the formula for developing a new type of creative after seeing first hand the struggles of educators and businesses working with creativity. Born out of frustrations with the status quo, Dom decided to do something about the problem.

Starting out as an artist and working in the field of VFX and animation, Dom previously founded Escape Studios in 2002, Escape Technology in 2005 and the VFX Festival in 2011, after 15 years had built the industry standard for VFX education. Developing world class degree programs as part of Pearson College and in collaboration with the University of Kent. Dom left the traditional world of higher education to forge a new path for himself and to reimagine one for young creative people.

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