Emmanuel Areoye,

Film Maker

Emmanuel Areoye is an exceptionally talented participant of the Create Not Hate programme. He is a 17 year old student from Camberwell, and is attending his 7th year at Sacred Heart School, studying Computer Science, Spanish & Maths. He really loves the subjects he has chosen, and has a particular passion for computer science, despite being extremely creatively talented. From a young age it was clear Emmanuel was exceptionally smart but struggled conform at school having such a big personality and a self-confessed problem with authority. He would often clash with the teachers when he disagreed with their opinions and being a clever person with some strong opinions, this often led to conflict. Emmanuel took part in a Debate Mate programme at his school, Debate Mate is a social mobility organisation that runs debating programmes within schools across the country, teaching them valuable skills for the future, and this taught him how to properly articulate himself and helped to become a model student who could voice his opinion brilliantly within the school environment. Emmanuel was introduced on to the Create Not Hate programme by Debate Mate, as one of their youth outreach partners, Emmanuel states; “Create Not Hate is easily the biggest opportunity I’ve had in my life because the work I came up with was seen by so many people, and so many people took exactly what I wanted them to from it. I honestly hope I get more time with Create Not Hate because although I do love the world of computing, something about the creative industry gets my blood pumping.

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